Anchoring basics

Anchoring consists of 7 critical steps that anyone can master quickly if they understand the basics. If you want all the freedom your boat can give you, you need to learn to set the anchor. It's not as hard as you think, and with preparation and practice, you can stay where you want to, when you want to. In this article, William will walk you through the exact steps of setting your first anchor successfully, while explaining each step in detail as well.


There are more types of anchors that you dreamed of, and they're all different in how they perform in different anchoring conditions. And your anchor will need to be sized for your boat.

Ground tackle

When you ask the marina expert about anchoring, inevitably, the old salt is going to mutter something about "good ground tackle" and how you need to have the right gear for your boat. But what is "ground tackle," and how do you know it's what you need?

Etiquette and rules

If you've ever anchored out and gotten a knock on your hull, to find it's the local water police telling you to move, it's not a great experience. If you've ever had a problem with someone anchored near you and you find out the harbor master can not help, well, that's also not so much fun.

How can you make sure you won't have any problems when you anchor? Every country has different laws on anchoring, and larger countries with multiple jurisdictions will usually have local or state laws that affect your ability to pick a suitable spot to anchor. So you need to check before you anchor.